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What is Remote PC Fix?

Mobile PC Xperts are now offering remote computer repair and support, which is perfect for resolving small issues such virus and spyware issues, computers running slower than they should be, or Windows problems and data recovery and backup, when an onsite visit is not possible.

A qualified technician will connect to your desktop or laptop computer through the Internet with your permission, and you can watch all the work happen on your own screen as we take control of your machine, and complete the task while you watch.

The whole process is entirely safe, secure, and as our software works on a single use basis, we will not have access to your machine after the repair takes place, the password your provide us with changes after each session. For more information please call us.

Remote computer repair is safe and saves you time and money, the current rate for remote support is only $45 an hour, minimum one hour charge.

Please download this software in order for us to connect to your computer safely, Don't worry its safe you will need to provide us with a unique code in order for us to connect to your computer.


Please click on the Icon below to start the download. If you need help through the setup call us and we would be happy to guide you through it.




For Remote Support Call Us Now 0800 72 97 37